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Milena Michno Photography - Home


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Children, they are my never-ending photographic subject. Their laughter, joy, excitement and sadness - these are the emotions and natural beauty of children I embrace. My passion for newborn and family photography has led me to realising my vision of working within this creative and beautiful medium, and time has proven that the camera is the tool I love. From pregnancy and birth through to nursery and school, these are the moments we all keep close to our hearts. I hope to capture these moments for you to keep and treasure. I am a newborn and family photographer based in Carterton Oxfordshire and have my studio in my home. When Spring arrives I start to work outside and realise my dream. Taking pictures of children is my love and feeds my very soul, I cannot live without it; I have become addicted to the joy my little models provide me with. I get to experience a unique photographic adventure, to see and capture those fleeting moments that you sometimes miss in everyday life.